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Memorial Stadium at University of Nebraska is home to the legendary Nebraska Cornhusker college football team. Below you will find all information on Memorial Stadium seating. If you are looking for ticket view them here

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Memorial Stadium Seating Chart

Memorial Stadium Map - Nebraska Football Stadium

Memorial Stadium Seating Guide

Memorial Stadium is divided into 4 directional stadiums - east, west, north, and south.

The west stadium is most popular for Husker fans because the Nebraska football team stands along the east sidelines.

Of the north and south stadiums, the south has become more popular because of the installation of the jumbotron atop the north stadium in 2006.

The famed Husker tunnel walk also moved in 2006 and now emerges onto the field fromthe north stadium under section 33.

Bench seating is the rule at Memorial Stadium with the exception of the club seating of the 200 (outside club seats) and 300 (inside clubs seats) sections in the west balcony.

The east and west stadium sections end at row 47.  All rows are numbered with the exception of the old box seats in front of row 1 which are designated as rows A-D.

There are support pillars holding up the east and west balconies in the east and west lower stadium.  The pillars are positioned in row 39.

Although none of the tickets listed for this event are labeled limited view by the University, some seats in the East and West Stadiums may have a limited view at time because of the pillars holding the East and West balconies in row 39.  Therefore, tickets purchased in rows 40-47 in Sections 1 to 8 & 21 to 31 may have an obstruction during certain parts of the game.

The north and south stadiums range up to 99 rows.

The Husker Marching Band sits in section 9.

The Nebraska student section is located in sections 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14. If you are looking for ticket view them here

Memorial Stadium Seat Numbers

Memorial Stadium has seat number 1 in the right side of the section as you look at the field from your seat.

Section widths can vary dramatically.  Some rows have as many as 36 seats.  Most rows are 24 to 26 seats long. If you are looking for ticket view them here

Nebraska Memorial Stadium Information

Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska is home to the Nebraska Cornhusker college football team.  It is a huge home stadium advantage for the team because the Husker Nation turns the stadium into a sea of red.

We often get asked by fans who have not been to a game, "Which is the Nerbaska section?" Of course the answer is all of them, as the entire stadium will be in red, white, and black.

Even the traditional visitors's sections in the stadium of sections 18, 19, 20, 40 and 41 may be Husker fans since the visiting team returns the unused portion of their ticket allotment. If you are looking for ticket view them here

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